Can’t get out to fish so I spent a bit of time lawn casting

I’ve been looking to purchase a Hardy Perfect reel for over 10 years and about 2 weeks ago finally found an affordable 3 1/8″ one in good condition. This is the first time I’ve actually handled and had a chance to disassemble one. It is everything I had hoped for and more. The craftsmanship and engineering is exquisite.

For once I decided to go with what I considered one of the top fly lines, the Rio Gold in wf5f, with a matching Rio leader. I loaded up the reel last night and when I got home from work today grabbed one of my bamboo rods, a F. E. Thomas 8.5′ “Elmo.”

I went out in my front yard, began to cast and in no time had launched the line 60′. Next time I’ll grab a lighter bamboo rod since the balance with the Hardy reel was off, but the reel is a dream to cast and the Rio Gold line, well there’s a reason it’s considered one of the best. It easily shoots 15-20′ when you release it. I’m looking forward to fishing the rig ASAP