Late December 2012 Fishing Trip Down at Wolf Creek Dam.

My fishing buddy, John Hiett, and I headed down to Lake Cumberland State Park in Kentucky Saturday night. We didn’t let the snowy weather or the cold temperatures stop us (the temperatures ranged from 23F-36F, or -5C-2.22C). That night we stayed at the lodge, which is a nice break from the normal ‘sleep in the van or tent.’  The lodge is about 50 years old, and interestingly enough, my father had a hand in designing part of it.
Lake-Cumberland-State-Resort-Park-52  A view of the lobby

Sunday morning we rose early and had your typically southern breakfast, biscuits, gravy, sausage, eggs, juice and coffee.  We then loaded then van and headed for the trout run.  On the way there we saw deer and and wild turkey.

Wild Turkey Turkey

Trout Run at Wolf Creek Hatchery The Trout Run

Since we are living in the future, there’s a web cam there for all to watch.  (you’ll probably have to cut and paste)

John and I immediately rigged the rods with droppers.  Any old dry fly on top that was white, and a copper john (red) about a size 16-18.  John right away caught the fattest one of the day, a fat triploid male rainbow over 1 1/2 lbs.

IMG_4444 John with his Fat Triploid

After we both caught a few on nymphs, surprise surprise, the damn trout started to actually rise!  36F and there were very small, very small, bugs on the water.  I tied on a 26 gnat and couldn’t believe it when they actually started going after the fly.

Me with the Dry Fly on Me with a Dry Fly on

Now this place is a ‘put and take,’ and in the end john and I caught probably 25 all together and kept 15, for a total of 8.5 lbs.  The big adrenaline rush for me though was a hog I hooked that weighed 4lbs+.  I managed to get it to the shore, and as soon as John went t net it the beast took off and snapped the line.  Figures.

DSC01639 a Mess O Fish

We had to end the day early since it was a three hour drive back, and I promised the daughter I’d read her to sleep.  All in all a great trip.